Peter Matthews

They Came from the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

2013. Acrylic paint and an inkjet print on paper on polyboard. 90cm x 90cm. 5 paintings in series.

At what point does a painting disappear from sight when dropped into the depths of the ocean. To explore notions of depth and distance, gravity, proximity, of exploration and discovery, to challenge where a painting can go and when does a painting become something else born from another world and dimension of space and time.  Not to paint depth and distance, but to drop the painting (object) into the ocean depths (subject) so the two become indivisible with one another, where the painting records depth and the starting point of somewhere else, the point in which my eyes peering down into the ocean loose contact with the painting. To explore the mystic truths of the universe and that beautiful liminal space where a crude object looses itself and slides into something mysterious and unknown.

They Came from the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean painting drop 1 of 5

Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall, England, preparing for the open ocean.

Installation view.