Peter Matthews

Spirit Catcher

2013. Sounds of a Pacific Humpback whale, sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, sounds of a sunrise, steel, rust, acrylic paint, plastic, mp3 player and speakers. 74cm length x 79cm height x 31cm width.

An empty steel box with wheels is pulled and pushed to various places on the Atlantic coast in England. Inside the mobile vessel the distant sounds of a Humpback whale swimming in free association in the Pacific Ocean echo and travel out to the Atlantic Ocean at sunrise. A sound recorder, also inside the vessel, records the sunset over the Atlantic, the rising Atlantic tide and the Pacific Humpback whale simultaneously. To make and transmit a mysterious message and sound out there into the vast open ocean and by extension, the universe. To reach out in hopes of connecting with something sublime.

A sound extract of the Pacific Ocean Humpback whales calling out from the interior of the mobile sculpture being pulled along the Atlantic coast of England.