Peter Matthews

Paintings from the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan and the Atlantic Ocean, England


These large scale paintings were produced after a six month period of time painting in and along the Pacific coast of Taiwan and then continued to be painted in and along the Atlantic coast of England. 

The paintings are individually sewn together by hand on the Atlantic coast. Each painting is made from two pieces of canvas which come from those experiences over six months painting in two oceans. The works explore highly emotional and spiritual experiences with presence and absence, time and place, space, movement, change, light and environment. Sewn together over hours and hours and featuring appliqué techniques of incorporating found objects into the painting, the works stand at a major junction in my development of ideas and relationships with how to make an image over long periods of time in nature, the visceral record and trace of journeying alone in search of the sublime and the transcendental, and pushing further with the contemporary nature of painting in a world which is always changing and in a dynamic state of flux..

Installation views from the solo show From the Pacific to the Atlantic, at Strange Cargo, Folkestone, May, 2017.

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