Peter Matthews

A Journey In, On and With the Pacific Ocean

2015. Chinese calligraphy ink, pen, oil paint, earth, salt crystals and water from the Pacific Ocean on canvas. 4 paintings in series. 140cm x 140cm. 

Over approximately three months working on the Pacific coast of Taiwan, a lone seven meter length of canvas is pulled across the coast, submerged in the waves in the wake of two typhoons, dampened in sea caves, dried out in the intense sun, lit by moonlight, painted in the murky depths of tide pools on the bottom of the ocean, dropped down the face of rock boulders that have fallen to earth and thrown into the ocean. Those journeys, and innumerable others, collectively make traces and marks, impressions and records of encounters and explorations, observations and moments where the landscape and ocean paint in close collaboration with myself, where the painting and myself live as an instrument and filter to reach and traverse an intimate relationship where object and body, subject and medium, time and place all fuse as one upon a surface in constant motion within a spectrum of liminal spaces and parallel worlds, some being here while others are not, entirely.

15 images, below, depicting parts of the journeying in the Pacific over three months.