Peter Matthews

From Along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts


Dimensions variable. Oil, oil bar and earth matter on canvas on plywood.

Small paintings, painted over the summer in profound intimacy with place and time, space and landscape, being and memory, presence and absence.

These paintings, coupled with each other from the Atlantic coasts of Maine and Cornwall, and the Pacific coasts of California and Oregon have independently diverged and then converged together again after miles and miles of clutching onto them while travelling on bus, train, airplane, car and foot. These new works explore the physicality of making, the scale of searching, the romance of touch and the poetry of place and object. As Gaston Bachelard remarked: “When the image is new, the world is new”.

Left to right: Pacific coast of Oregon; Pacific coast of California; Atlantic coast of Maine and the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England.

Supported by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship over the summer of 2019 to the USA.