Peter Matthews

Contact with Distance

2013. Copper, water from the Atlantic Ocean and acrylic paint.

417 rocks were thrown by hand to the lone empty vessel in the Atlantic Ocean at twilight. Of these 417 rocks that were thrown out-there from land to the vastness of the ocean, 42 rocks made a direct contact with the floating form. With each brief contact a vibration and sound is produced and emitted out into the universe, and at the same time the form of the empty tank is disfigured and transformed, never to be returned to its previous state. Exploring the nature of chance and the unknown. To reach out-there in a pursuit to make a physical contact with something, and when that contact is made, for the other side to communicate back to the sender, to show a trace of an action which was brief in existence but ongoing in the grand scheme of things. To pick up rocks from the edge of the ocean and land and to reverse the movements of time, to throw back into the ocean rocks that have been moved slowly with time.  To make a mark on the passage of time and space, to use it, to harness it, to feel it, to know it, to learn from it, to find it, to lose it.