Peter Matthews

Paintings from the Pacific Ocean, Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, England


These paintings were produced after a three month period of time painting in and along the Pacific coast of Mexico, Baja California Sur, and then sewed together with paintings on canvas made along the Atlantic coast of England in the high summer of 2018.

The paintings are individually sewn together by hand on the Atlantic coast. Each painting is made from two pieces of canvas which come from those experiences over four months painting in two oceans. The works explore highly emotional and spiritual experiences with presence and absence, time and place, space, movement, change, light and environment. Sewn together over hours and hours and featuring appliqué techniques of incorporating found objects into the painting. Each painting features small clay elements which were made by hand and fired in a drift wood fire along the Atlantic coast of England.

A film, below, documents the journeying with the paintings along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Mexico and Cornwall. Shot entirely by myself, the film explores running enquirers and pursuits of following and pursuing the sublime, the journeying from place to place, time through space, space through experience and essentially the lived and spiritual experience of looking for, finding, revealing and working out each paintings along the shores of the cosmos and frontiers of the known and unknown, the visible and the metaphysical, the here and the gone, the there and the passing.