Peter Matthews

An Experience of Ex-Stasis Over a Pacific Ocean Storm

2012-2013. HD video played through CRT monitors, wooden plinth. 12:10 minutes.

An extended video of a sunset, filmed from the volcanic summit of Mauna Kea, was recorded while in Hawaii in the spring of 2012.  Two other videos play in synchronisation above, one video made by balancing a video camera on the top of a 27 foot long section of bamboo and the other showing the video footage from the highest point on the bamboo pole as it records a winter storm in the Pacific Ocean in Taiwan.  Motivated and stirred by a succession of paranormal and out of body experiences while working in the Pacific in Hawaii, this work seeks to challenge the relationship between being in multiple places at one time, bound to a solid mass through the effects of gravity, drifting aimlessly within the fluid margins of another world and leaving the body and becoming weightless while experiencing reality and the movements of time and space from an alternative perspective.  To leave one dimension of place and time and to enter another, and then to return again and find that where you are is not where you are.  We are never truly where we are.  Luminous beings we are.  

The video work An Experience of Ex-Stasis Over a Pacific Ocean Storm.

Installation view.