Peter Matthews

An Ancient Journey Extended 

2013. Meteorite fragments and Atlantic Ocean matter on 8mm film transferred to HD video. Silent. 8:33 minutes.

How to visualise and animate an epic journey of a meteorite that fell to earth millions of years ago. That the ocean perhaps witnessed the visual blaze of such a journey, but such a spectacle is now long forgotten. To extend and reveal, extend and push on the animism and journey of an extra-terrestrial ancient object by taking it into the ocean and communicating with it through direct touch. To perch on the edge of a small island at twilight and draw back a length of 8mm film across the body of the meteorite in a lonely pursuit to reawaken its innate mysticism and sense of being. To take an object that has been static for millions of years upon the earth’s surface, and now animate it once again on the waves of time and movement.

Full video An Ancient Journey Extended.

Film still and the meteorite fragment. 

Film still and the meteorite fragment.