Peter Matthews

A Luminous Spirit In Motion

2013. Single channel HD video projection, ocean scented air freshener, reflector lamp and strobe light. 6:44 minutes.

A visually beautiful and sublime experience of being with a lone palm tree on the Pacific coast of Taiwan during a winter storm.  To illuminate this profound personal dialogue with a simple light source to enhance and explore the experience of something overwhelmingly beautiful and captivating. To be with the tree and the spirits that made it move for hours and hours and in the process finding and revealing something by being there in the moment but then experiencing the passage of the storm and the epic absence of being there on the edge of one world yet so close to slipping into another world.To experience something phenomenally stirring in nature that you are never the same again after. To make a video of such an experience yet for the experience to take something from oneself. To realign oneself with an ancient and perhaps future movement and nature of time and place.  

What of what has been lost can be found again.

Installation view of A Luminous Spirit In Motion and showing the video.